5 Shopping Blogs We Love for the Holidays

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Welcome to Blog Profiles! Each week, we select a topic and handful of blogs that do a great job contributing to the conversation. All the good boys and girls are preparing their lists. Are you prepared to empty your pockets? Don’t stress. We laid everything out for you with these five shopping blogs.

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What do Friday and Monday have in common? In November, they are two of the heaviest days of the year for sales and customer traffic in the retail industry. More specifically, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to fulfill holiday shopping lists. Although the bargains are exciting, there are stressors that come with checking off lists and dealing with herds of people. The internet, however, is a miraculous invention.

Here are five shopping blogs to help keep your holidays merry and bright.

1. Julianna Claire

What is it? It has everything from Amazon and other retailers you didn’t know you needed.

Why you should read it: Amazon is overwhelmingly vast. If you have disposable income and minor inconveniences around the home, look no further. With kitchen organization being such a hot commodity, you can use these items to turn your pantry from a closet of chaos to a serene cellar.

Few things are more satisfying than stepping into a clean home. There used to be so much scrubbing and stooping involved, but cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore when you have fun gadgets like an electric spin scrubber! Combine these products with some clever cleaning hacks and you will be an unstoppable force of domesticity.

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2. Rather-Be-Shopping

What is it? Did you know some shops have systems, loopholes, and secret menus? This blog is full of life hacks for navigating various brands.

Why you should read it: You will never shop the same way again. The best bargains are not always found at Goodwill. For instance, Target doesn’t want you to know about the codes used for its clearance stickers. Oops! The secret is out. There’s also a weekly markdown schedule for each department.

Next time you pull the trigger on your Amazon shopping cart that includes any items with coupons, consider buying some items separately rather than in bulk. This post explains how to apply the coupon to multiple items.

And presents are not the only thing bought in excess. ‘Tis the season for eating. Rather-Be-Shopping has some creative hacks for making the most of your confectionary consumption, and if you’re in the market for 2.38 lbs of tiramisu, you are one lucky customer!

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