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Not enough time for preparing for a meal? Try HelloFresh. No, it is not a food delivery business but a pre-portioned ingredients delivery one. Didn’t understand it? Don’t worry and read this HelloFresh meal kit delivery review, subscription and other details about the same.


What is HelloFresh?

HelloFresh is a company that mainly works to deliver pre-portioned ingredients for preparing a meal to your door step. They will deliver all the ingredients essential for making a meal so that the process can become easier. Every meal kit will also have a recipe for the same along with the step-by-step instructions so that one can prepare a fresh meal within 30 minutes or less.


How does HelloFresh work?

How does HelloFresh work?


Okay, to answer that, it is first essential to know that it is a subscription-based program that comes with recurring subscriptions. You need to sign up with your details to receive meals on an ongoing agreement.

Although you have to add your credit card information there, but you can cancel it anytime. Following is the process via which one can easily choose a plan of their own preference from HelloFresh-


  • First, select your plan and custom it– Now that you want to join it, you have to make a plan as per your usage. Things such as people you are looking to feed from that meal box, anything specific, your preferences when it comes to food will be required.
  • Set up your delivery date– You are going to get all these meal boxes delivered in a single day. So you need to set up a single day when you can get all these meal boxes delivered at once. You can choose the day as per your preference.
  • Pick your meals– Once you enter into the dining preferences, the brand will pick meals for you that will suit your eating styles for your help. However, it is up to you if you want to select it by your own or not. You can always over ride it by your picks.
  • Set your menu Now that if you are not interested in receiving a meal for a day or two, you need to log in and manage the deliveries. You can state that you wish to skip the shipments for those days and according to that, you will be served.


Meal Choices By Hello Fresh

Choices that you can have


  • 1. Mostly Meat 

Relish on meat, fish and a variety of seasonal options in this meal plan

  • 2. Veggie 

Enjoy your veggies like never before with six vegetarian options per week in this meal plan.

  • 3. Family 

Say bye bye to the woes of what to cook for the family as with the Hello Fresh Family meal plan you would be able to keep everyone happy with options suitable for all ages and delicious meal plans

  • 4. Quick cook 

No time to cook? Worry not, this Quick cook meal plan has been customized to give you a wholesome meal in just little time and effort

  • 5. Calorie Smart 

Have an ideal body goal in mind? Hello Fresh will help you in achieving it through its calorie smart meal plan which serves nutritious and tasty meals all under 650 calories.

  • 6. Pescatarian 

Going by the motto “I see sea food as the only food”? Well if that’s your case then you would love the Pescatarian meal plan which gives you an array of seafood and veggie meals options every week




Are these meals pocket-friendly ? 

Interested in Hello Fresh meal plans but wondering if its going to fit your pocket or not?

Worry not, we have enlisted details about how Hello Fresh meal plans pricings works, so that you can be sure whether this healthy meal option would be healthy for your pocket or not.


meals of hello fresh


Number of people -2


3 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £11.40 


4 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £13.80 


5 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £16.20

Number of people- 3


2 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £12.00


3 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £15.60


4 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £19.20


5 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £22.80

Number of people- 4


2 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £13.20 


3 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £17.20 


4 recipes per week

First box total Cost- £21.20


5 recipes per week

First box total cost- £25.20


How does HelloFresh work in terms of shipping?

Currently they are delivering to mainland UK The Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey (Excluding Herm) and Northern Ireland.

You can avail of the Hello Fresh meal plans 7 days a week and at the standard delivery time slot between 8.00 am to 7.00 PM. They also offer a time slot between 8.00 am to 12.00 AM at an additional charge. Furthermore, if you are staying in London then you can also get your meals in the evening between 5.00 PM to 9.00 PM.

Since there is no signature required, you can also ask the delivery guy to keep the meal somewhere. Food will be kept in cold and will contain frozen gel packing.

Last Words : HelloFresh Meal Kit Delivery Review

Is HelloFresh worth it?




By assuming the fact that you really don’t have enough time to cook your meals fully and you also don’t want to order it from outside, having the HelloFresh pre-portioned uncooked meal is going to be a great help that you can order anywhere.

Since it is affordable and is not cooked, you will be getting the healthy food made at home with less efforts. Anyone who does not have enough time can surely try HelloFresh and get the healthy food prepared at home easily.

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